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Spectrum Software has released Micro-Cap 11, the eleventh generation of our SPICE circuit simulator.

For users of previous Micro-Cap versions, check out the new features available in the latest version. For those of you who are new to Micro-Cap, take our features tour to see what Micro-Cap has to offer.





Links to SPICE Models

Analog Devices - Audio, Video, and Multimedia, Communications, Data Acquisition Sub-Systems, Instrument Amplifiers, Interface, Military/Aerospace Products, Op-Amps, Precision Analog, Precision Voltage References and Linear Regulators, Switches and Multiplexers, True RMS to DC Converters, and +3V Operation

Apex - Linear and PWM Amplifiers.

Duncan's Amp Pages - Tubes, Transformers, Loudspeakers, Semiconductors

Epcos - SMD Inductors, NTC Thermistors, and SIOV varistors

Fairchild Semiconductor - MOSFETs, BJTs, JFETs, diodes, IGBTs

Infineon Technologies - Discrete components

International Rectifier - HEXFET Power MOSFETs, Input Rectifiers, Schottky Diodes, Hexfred Diodes, IGBTs

Intersil - Intelligent Power Products, Analog Signal Processing Products, Power MOSFETs, and MCTs


Maxim - Operational Amplifiers and Comparators

Metelics - Diodes

NXP - FETs, PowerMOS transistors, RF Transistors, diodes, BJTs.

PolyFet - RF Power MOSFETs

Protek Devices - Transient Voltage Suppressors

TDK - Ferrite Beads, Inductors, Capacitors, 3-Terminal Filters, Common Mode Filters, and Pulse Transformers

Texas Instruments - Operational Amplifiers, Comparators, and Building Blocks

Vishay - MOSFETs

VMI - Diodes

Zetex - Diodes, BJTs, Darlington Transistors, and MosFET Transistors.