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Spectrum Software has released Micro-Cap 11, the eleventh generation of our SPICE circuit simulator.

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I am running a Probe Transient Analysis on my circuit. I click in the schematic to bring up all of the waveforms that I would like to display. Then in order to get the plot to look the way I would like it to, I go to the Colors, Fonts, and Lines page of the Analysis Properties dialog box and edit all of the waveform colors and waveform texts to the colors that I want.

I then exit the analysis and make some edits in the circuit. I then rerun the Probe Transient Analysis, and when I call up the same waveforms, the colors have reverted back to their original settings. I need to edit the colors in the Properties dialog box each time I run the probe analysis. Is there a way to preset the waveform colors for a probe analysis, so that I do not need to edit the colors each time?


The colors for a probe analysis can be preset by going to the Options menu and selecting the Default Properties for New Circuits option. Once the Default Properties dialog box is on the screen, open up the Analysis Plots section in the list on the left hand side of the dialog box. Select the Colors, Fonts, and Lines page within this section.

In the list of Objects within the Colors, Fonts, and Lines page, there are ten options that are labelled Curve 1 through Curve 10. These objects define the initial settings for each waveform that is invoked in a probe analysis. Selecting any of these objects will provide the ability to set the curve line color, the curve text color, the width of the curve, the pattern of the curve, the type of data point marker to be used for the waveform, and whether the Rainbow option will be enabled for the curve.

The colors apply to the order that the waveforms are invoked in the probe analysis and not to a specific waveform expression. For example, the colors set for Curve 3 will apply to the third waveform that is displayed in the analysis plot. If there are more than ten waveforms displayed in the analysis plot, the color settings will loop back so that the eleventh waveform uses the Color 1 settings. These settings will apply globally to the Probe Transient, Probe AC, and Probe DC analyses.






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