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Spectrum Software has released Micro-Cap 11, the eleventh generation of our SPICE circuit simulator.

For users of previous Micro-Cap versions, check out the new features available in the latest version. For those of you who are new to Micro-Cap, take our features tour to see what Micro-Cap has to offer.




On Schematic Voltage, Current, Power, Condition

On-Schematic Current Display

Micro-Cap lets you display on the schematic node voltages, device currents, power terms, and state conditions.

  • Node Voltages / States: This shows time-domain node voltages or digital states. It shows AC node voltages in Dynamic AC mode. The VIP button selects last, RMS, average, or peak.

  • Current: This shows time-domain currents or AC branch currents in Dynamic AC mode. Currents are shown with an arrow indicating the direction of positive current.

  • Power: This shows time-domain values of stored, generated, and dissipated power for each component. It shows AC power terms in Dynamic AC mode.

  • Condition: This shows the last time-domain condition for each part that has conditions. A BJT, for example, has the conditions LIN (linear), SAT(saturated), OFF (both junctions off), and HOT (excessive power dissipation).